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To SSD or Not?!

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

To Solid State or Not? Solid State Drives (or SSDs) are great. Plain and simple. They speed up a computer in the one place that has been the major bottle neck for years—>the hard drive. Alternatively you could add tons of new memory and you will also increase your speed but only a fraction of the speed you’ll gain if you swap out that old fashioned moving parts hard drive for a new SSD drive. Here’s why. With the old fashioned moving parts drives, the inner disk has to spin to retrieve data. Let’s say you want to run a program. That program is stored (installed) on your hard drive. The hard drive has to spin enough times to pick up enough pieces of that program and load them into memory to run. So that takes time. And if your hard drive is fragmented (which most hard drives naturally get fragmented over time) it takes even longer to retrieve that programs data. Now let’s see what an SSD does for us. The program data is now access pretty much instantly (well as quick as it takes to travel through the SSD circuit board). So now our computer start up that used to take 3-5 minutes to load up now takes maybe 20-30 seconds.

So the ultimate question becomes, how much is your time worth. A decent sized SSD drive is comparable in price to a 1TB moving parts drive.

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