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The new life of Microsoft

With a new captain at the helm, Microsoft is reliving the old glory days when Microsoft was on top and the word of Bill (Gates) was law. And that is really a good thing. A well run company means a good product for you the consumer. And Microsoft who makes Windows is just that...a well run company putting out an amazing product. The new Windows 10 (version 1903) is the latest is awesome. Fast, slick and with extras that were created based on customer feedback. It’s being rolled out in stages, so if you don’t have it yet be patient, it‘s Coming. To check your Windows version click Start then settings. Then select ‘updates and security‘ at the bottom. Then select OS build on the right. Scroll down and your version number will appear. If your version number is in the 1700’s or earlier, you may need some help getting it ready for the new 1903 update. If so, we can help. Give us a call. 360-695-6988 or 503-224-9288.

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