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New viruses are hitting the internet everyday, not just when the news stations announce it.

For those of us that watch the news, we've all seen the stories about some new virus that's coming out and we should all hide our children, unplug our phones and turn off our computers to protect ourselves before the virus hits.

While it is true, the media does sometimes alert us about a virus every so often, it's also true that lots of viruses get released onto the internet every month.   Didn't know that did you.  So why don't we hear about them?  Because it's only news worthy to mention new virus launches every so often.  So you have to be careful all the time on the internet. That's just being smart.  And you don't have to be good at computers or an internet genius to develop good habits.

Here's a few good habits to get you started: 

1.  Get good security software to protect you.  If you are using programs like Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, or Trend Micro then your protection is seriously lacking and you probably already have viruses that are hiding in the background without you knowing it.  We offer much better security solutions to our customers.  

2. Don't download programs off the internet. Many programs on the internet are actually Trojan viruses.  That means they may give you the program you think you're getting, but they will secretly install viruses in the background without your knowledge or permission.  

3. Don't open email attachments from senders you don't recognize. Also don't open "chain emails." Emails sent to you and a bunch of other people. These emails are a ploy to collect email address to later send spam to.

4. Don't call phone numbers that pop on your screen claiming that you have a virus.  IT'S A SCAM! These pop-ups indicate that you already have a virus on your computer (which is propagating the popups), and it means you should call a computer repair technician right away to remove the virus.

5. If you get a call from Microsoft...IT'S A SCAM! Microsoft never calls anyone.

That should get you started.  Remember, we are always available to help you with your computer.  We can fix it.  We can secure it.  And we can teach you how to use it.  Just give us a call.  Come on it's easy. Just pick up the phone. I promise we'll answer. 503-224-9288 or 360-695-6988.




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