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Money Disappears From Personal Checking Accounts

Hackers are now breaking into personal bank accounts and wiring money out with a new wave of malicious virus-ware. And it’s happening through personal computers not the bank computers. OK, so you may have caught a news clip about some big company getting hacked and thought to yourself, "I’m glad that doesn’t happen to me".

Well, with this new wave of viruses it is happening to more and more hard working good folks just like you. And these are typically wire transfers that are occurring right out of personal checking accounts. It gets worse. If someone steals your credit card number and buys a bunch of stuff online, well call the credit card company and dispute it. You'll probably get your cash back. But when a hacker wires money out of your checking account, there's no getting that money back and no protection for such things from the bank. Because remember, the hacker got in through your computer, so the bank assumes it was you making the wire transfer. We know about this because we've had countless new customers come to us to fix it after the fact.

How do you stop these unauthorized wire transfers? How do you stop these hackers from ripping your off of your hard earned money? Have your computer checked for HIDDEN viruses that may allow hackers to access your bank account and your money right through your computer. Don’t worry, our pros will know how to check for this. 360-695-6988 or 503-224-9288. We’re here to help.

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