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Hooking up a new printer took hours!

Why are printers so hard to hook up? Well, let's look at how printers have changed. Back not too many years ago, WiFi printers did not exist. That basically meant one computer, one printer. Printers back then were hooked up with a USB cable to one computer, you ran your installation disk and viola! All done. Printers back then were also simpler with not as much technology inside the printer. Printers of today are more complicated. They are expected to connect to a myriad of devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. This is where hooking up a new printer gets tricky. New printers connect to all these devices through your router. So step 1 is to figure out how to get your printer connected to your router. Step 2 is to install the printer's software onto your computers. This is where the disk comes in handy. All in all it sounds pretty easy, but unless you've done it before, it can be hard and frustrating. We can help. We get tons of calls looking for help hooking up new printers. We are experts at it because we do it so often. So give us a call and we'll help you, too.




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