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Are There Just Too Many Viruses?

Are we finally at a critical mass point for viruses? The answer is Yes. For years IT specialists have been predicting the coming wave of viruses that would push us past critical mass. Critical mass meaning the point when anti-virus security programs can't keep up with stopping the growing number of viruses.

Look at the picture above.

The Secret is...the dam has already broken. There are too many viruses for the do it yourself (over the counter) anti-virus programs to stop. And nobody is talking about it....

The town below the dam represents a few things. It represents our computer firstly. But let’s think for a moment about what that encompasses. Here are a few things that a hacker might find on your computer: E-mail, bank websites, credit card numbers, passport numbers, your home address, and maybe even your cat’s name. Also included in this smorgasbord are all the “KEYS” to access all of that personal information. Yikes! The reservoir represents viruses. The dam represents your security system (anti-virus). So critical mass means the reservoir of viruses is now so big that your current dam (anti-virus) can’t stop it from getting through to all that sensitive information on your computer.

Now here comes the scary part, (but we do have a solution) so keep reading...

Many computer users reached virus critical mass a LONG TIME AGO! This is due to inadequate security (ie: old antiquated antivirus programs they sell you when you buy a new computer), FAKE security programs (it's estimated that 40% of all security programs used are actually fake), or no security at all. Even with the best security software (Norton and McAfee did NOT make the best list by the way), your computer is still vulnerable to attacks, hacks, scams and intrusions. All of these viruses are after that personal info that you think is so safe (user names, passwords, bank access, emails, credit card numbers, passport numbers, basically anything you do online).

So we have finally arrived at the point where we all need some help. A professional, trusted team to watch out for us so we can surf the internet and feel and be safe again. Problem Solved! Our team here at Geeks To Go! has put together a program just like this. We debuted it with our existing clients about 6 months ago and it has been so successful we are now offering it to new customers. It’s all done remotely from our offices in Portland, OR so need for regular house calls. We monitor the programs running on your computer and remove viruses before they cause damage or steal your information. Give us a call and we’ll get you set up today.  Because we provide this service remotely, you don't have to be in the Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA area.




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